Developing movement.

We had our first rehearsal Sunday morning. We started with a bit of sleepy improvisation (9 a.m. sure feels early, especially on a Sunday) and moved into an in-depth conversation about our relationship with social media. In the improv, we felt like we were stuck on a singular feeling about what social media was for us, so the purpose of the discussion was to stir up new ideas from which we could generate movement. Here are some of the key points we discussed:

  • We are different now than when we first started using the Internet. We have grown up, and the way we display ourselves and interact online has matured.
  • We check social media while walking around.
  • We check social media while driving.
  • A modest estimate for checking our media is five times an hour. COMPULSIVE checking.
  • We are tagged in places; people know where we are and what we’re doing there.
  • We become frustrated when we don’t have good internet connections.
  • Social media divides our identities: who we are in real life and who we are online.
  • The physical effects of using a computer, such as carpal tunnel and headaches.
  • We lock our phones so nobody hacks our profile.
  • We don’t need to lock our phones because they are ALWAYS with us, even when sleeping.
  • Everybody on phone in  social situations: avoiding real-life connection to “connect” online.
  • When waiting for someone/something or when feeling awkward, pull out your phone.

We used these ideas to generate movement on our own.

For our second rehearsal, which happened tonight, we showed what we had made and then worked together to create a total of 10 gestures that will be the movement base for the performance. I’m thrilled with what we made and am excited to move forward with the project.


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