Rehearsal II: Backyard Adventure.


The weather has been incredibly gorgeous here in Springfield, so for rehearsal on Wednesday the performers met at my apartment to rehearse in The Great Outdoors (i.e. my porch/ backyard).

We made some great progress. The focus of the rehearsal was to build the “solo exploration” section of the piece, which is about fifteen minutes long. First, we chose individual orders to perform the ten gestures we created at our first rehearsal. Once we each decided on an order, we set a schedule determining when we would explore each of our gestures. In this case, exploring gestures refers to finding new and interesting ways to execute movement: increase or decrease the tempo/ intensity, make it smaller/ bigger, put the movement into a different body part, etc. Each performer explores one of the ten gestures, moves through the other nine, and then explores the next gesture, and so on. The process is slow, methodical, and (hopefully) intriguing.

We finished with enough time to begin exploring some partnering work for the next section.

Working outside was fun. We attracted some accidental audiences: people on bikes, dog walkers, and neighbors smoking cigarettes on their porches. Their faces generally read, “HUH?” The performers maintained their focus and gave the bystanders an unexpected show.


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