Artist Statement

#EverybodyAllTheTime explores the experience of living simultaneously online and in the real world.

We live in a hyper-digital age that requires us to create various online profiles through which we present information about ourselves to masses of people in order to keep up academically, socially, and professionally. We edit and polish the information we share. We interact with others online as mediated versions of ourselves.

In this work, I juxtapose the performers’ flesh-and-bone, real-life selves with the polished personas they create for themselves on the Internet.

The work has two goals: first, to acknowledge that the way people portray themselves on the Internet is integral to the person they are in real life (and to how other people see them).

Second, the work strives to assert the importance of real-life connections between individuals as opposed to online social networking, since there are benefits to forming meaningful, real-life kinship which cannot be replicated through or replaced by Internet interaction.

Walk around. Explore. Take pictures. Talk to each other. Stand close to a performer, or watch several from further away. Enjoy, question, reflect.


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